10 Signs The Interviewer Isn’t Into You

By Brenda on March 5th, 2012


After an interview you replay it in your mind wondering if it went well or not. You wonder, am I going to get a second interview? Were my answers what they were looking for? Did they like me?

Most of the time interviewers are very professional and courteous. They will not verbally tell you how your interview went. But most of the time you can tell how it’s going by their body language and demeanor. Here are 10 signs it’s not going so well.

1. They mention there are a lot of applicants being interviewed

This is mentioned as a way to let you down gently. They’re trying to tell you to not get your hopes up.

2. Checking email, texts, etc

This is rude behavior on the part of the interviewer but it is a big signal that they are not engaged and just waiting for the interview to get over with. That doesn’t mean you can’t turn it around, but it is certainly a bag sign.

3. Being vague

Most interviewees ask about the next step. If the interviewer did not feel good about hiring you then they will be vague about what happens next. Strong candidates are often told exactly what will happen next. If this does happen to you maybe they were just thoughtless, but chances are you won’t be advancing to the next step.

4. Unconcerned you got another offer

Employers who want to hire someone will be concerned if you slip away from them and go with the competition. If they want you they will even expedite their own hiring process to secure your services.

5. Making the job sound like a bad fit

Sometimes interviewers will tell you that they really need someone with skill X and you have skill Y. This is often their way of telling you indirectly that it is not a good fit and there’s no way you’re getting the job.

6. Interrupting you

You may be getting interrupted because you’re rambling or they are not that into you. Either way it is not a good sign. Take notice and try to change up what you’re doing.

7. Ending interview quickly
Interviewers make up their minds pretty quickly whether they like a candidate or not. Many times they will try and cut it short because there’s no point in drawing it out for both parties. A short interview is a bad sign.

8. Rushing through questions

Strong candidates get thorough questions to their answers. Weak candidates get their questions rushed through because the interviewer knows it doesn’t matter.

9. Direct concerns

Some employers will directly tell you if they feel you are weak in a certain area or that you may have trouble with certain job duties. These statements should be taken at face value.

10. Giving you advice

Sometimes an interviewer will give you career advice on what you can do to become a stronger candidate for future jobs. They wouldn’t do this to someone they are going to hire. You should listen to their advice.

If any of these things happen to you it may not mean you won’t get the job. Sometimes employers do things for no reason.

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