10 Things You Can Do To Get a Promotion

By Brenda on February 6th, 2012


A promotion – the next level, more money, a bigger office, more perks, and more respect. Very few people ever start a job with the intent to stay static. Most want to climb the corporate ladder all the way to the top. Getting a promotion is similar to your job – there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way. The thought of asking for a promotion can be frightening, but these tips should help position you well.

1. Get educated – online education now makes it feasible for working people to get their degree. Online education is now a respected way to earn a postsecondary degree that can get you a pay raise and position you to get a promotion. Business is far and away the most popular major.

2. Show how you contribute to the organization – the numbers don’t lie. Show management the data that supports your claim of deserving a raise. Prepare your documentation that quantifies your contributions.

3. Ask for additional duties – let your boss know you feel ready to take on more responsibilities. Those words will show that you are not just looking for a bigger paycheck and office.

4. Invent a position – if you feel your talents are not being leveraged to their full capacity in your current position then bring up the idea of creating a new one. But you better have all of your ducks in a row by thinking about all the details of implementing the job along with its functions.

5. Bring up your promotion in a casual setting – outside the workplace at a bar or restaurant is a great place to bring up the topic. Just make sure your timing is right. If the situation is casual and your boss doesn’t want to talk shop then avoid it.

6. Schedule a private meeting – private meetings are great for reserving a block of time to discuss what’s on your mind. You’ll have your boss’s full attention.

7. Toot your own horn – don’t be afraid to humbly speak about your talents and contributions. The best way to brag about yourself is to give specific examples rather than fluffed up hyperbole and generic statements like, “I’m the best secretary at this place by a mile.”

8. Don’t make demands – making demands could get you demoted. It shows immaturity and lack of communication and tact.

9. Outgrow your current position – this is probably the number one way to get promoted. Excel at your job to the point where it’s obvious you need to go up.

10. Learn new skills – Sign up for workshops and trainings. Don’t pass up the opportunity to develop more skill sets that make you more valuable to the organization.


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