10 Ways to Make The Boss Like You

By Brenda on March 8th, 2012


Let’s face it – when the boss likes you things are good. Instead of constantly sucking up and annoying your coworkers there are habits you can create at work that will get your boss to love you.

1. Make sure you keep track of everything the boss assigns you

Most managers hate to babysit people. Managers often feel like parents of an irresponsible teenager. They appreciate employees that are on top of projects. They love having peace of mind knowing you’re going to get things done.

2. Be on point

This broad statement means having your act together. Don’t make your boss have to tell you something more than once. Be someone the boss can rely on. Make yourself the go-to-guy or gal by never letting things fall through the crack.

3. Expectations

Be on the same page in terms of expectations for projects as well as your goals for the year. Also, make sure you know when you should consult with the boss or move forward with a project yourself. It’s a fine line.

4. Don’t just bring problems – bring possible solutions

Many employees just bring problems to the boss and dump them on their lap. It’s okay to discuss issues with them – that’s what they’re there for. But be the employee that also discusses possible solutions as well.

5. Never gossip

If you have an issue with someone in the office then it’s fine to bring it to the attention of the boss because the boss has the authority to do something about the situation. But never engage in gossip for gossip’s sake. You’ll need to tread lightly here.

6. Pay attention to the questions the boss asks

You can learn a lot about someone by the questions they ask. They often have larger meanings. Cue into what the boss is saying and you can learn what things he or she thinks is important.

7. If you mess up take responsibility for it

Don’t try to hide from your mistakes or become defensive. If you made a mistake then own up to it and let your boss know what you’re doing so that it never happens again. Most managers understand that mistakes happen. Often times their reaction hinges upon whether or not you own up to it.

8. Listen to the feedback

Never get defensive if you get feedback about something. If you disagree with something they say it’s okay to say it but do not be defensive. You could say something like – “I understand what you’re saying, but I was looking at it this way…”

9. Speak up if you’re not happy

If you have frustrations about something then let him or her know, but make sure your timing is good.

10. If you have a good boss tell him or her

A simple thank you goes along way. Many employees never just say “thanks for being a great boss.”



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