7 Great Things about Taking Online Classes

By Brenda on April 28th, 2012



Going to school online offers the ultimate flexibility. The average online student is 34 years old with a full time job and a family. That means they have to juggle a lot of responsibilities and fit school in there they can. Most students love taking classes online because they can work on school related tasks at night after the kids go to bed and on the weekend. It’s quite the sacrifice, but in many cases it provided people with the opportunity to get their degree where it would otherwise be impossible.

Continue Your Education

Before online education, people place bound in an area without a local college or university could not get their degree while still working and caring for their family. Online education has changed all that. It has opened up the door for many individuals to get their first degree or go back to school and earn a master’s degree.

Learn More

Recent studies have shown that online students may actually learn more than students in the classroom taking the same courses. This certainly flies in the face of conventional thought. People assume that students learn more in the class, but the research says this is not true. Why? The study showed that online students engaged in much more reading and intensive critical thinking in order to synthesize the information, where as students in class passively sat back and simply received information from a lecturing professor. The study showed that online students engaged more with the material and acquired information rather than passively receiving information.

Meet a lot of Diverse People

Online courses open up geographical boundaries. It allows students to make connection with people from diverse backgrounds and locations. It exposes students to diverse thinking and allows others to be exposed to how others view the world.

Continue Working

Online classes allow people to keep working. Most online students need to keep working because they have families to take care of. It allows them to keep up with their current lifestyle without having to uproot their family by moving away or downgrading their lifestyle because of loss of finances.

Spend Time With Family

It’s important for online students to maintain balance. Online classes allow for them to keep the work/life/academics balance. Online classes allow students to be able to spend quality time with family and friends because of the flexibility. It’s the perfect learning situation for the individual with a family.

Lower Costswatch Below Her Mouth film online now

Online students have fewer costs in many cases. With gasoline around $4 a gallon it can be very expensive driving to and from class. Online students do not have transportation or parking related expenditures. This saves them hundreds per month in many cases.

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