7 Habits of Highly Effective Students

By Brenda on December 2nd, 2011



Have you ever wondered why some students are more successful than others? Studies have been done trying to quantify what exactly separates the good students from the poor ones. Although there are several factors there are seven common characteristics that high successful students all have in common. We reveal them to you below:

Highly Successful Students are Proactive

Successful students live by the credo of never putting off what you can do today until tomorrow. They live their lives always thinking ahead and planning. They are rarely without their planners and do things ahead of schedule. This is very important when it comes to learning because last minute cramming inhibits the learning process.

Highly Successful Students Begin with the End in Mind

High achieving students have a purpose and vision for what they are doing. This provides motivation when school gets mundane or tough. Successful students know why they are in school and engage in activities such as career planning.

Highly Successful Students Put First Things First

Students who achieve know how to set goals and prioritize. They focus on tasks that bring the biggest return on investment and spend little time on things that do not bring value to their lives. That’s not to say they do not like to have fun because they do. They just understand that there is a time and a place for everything.

Highly Successful Students Don’t get Too Competitive

It is okay to be competitive with other students as long as it does not go overboard to the point where you have a “me against the world” attitude. Successful students know how to leverage personal relationships that help them and the other party. They spend time nurturing and fostering healthy relationships with peers and professors.

Highly Successful Students Communicate Well

Great students know how to convey their ideas and opinions as well as when it’s best to listen to others. They possess great communication group and interpersonal communication skills.

Highly Successful Students Hang Around those that Stretch Them

Students that go on to achieve great things spend time with people who stretch them out of their comfort zone. They run in circles where they are the best, but also spend time with those that may be better at something than they are. They are always seeking nuggets of wisdom.

Highly Successful Students Live a Balanced Life

These top students know that balance is critical to their success. That means they seek to have balance between their academics, family, and personal lives. They study a lot, but not all the time; they love to have a good time, but no when to focus.


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