A Degree in Culinary Arts

By Brenda on November 4th, 2011


Do you have a passion for cooking?  Are you considered the top foodie among friends?  If so, a career in culinary arts may be the avenue you need to take.  The restaurant and food service business represents a $450 billion industry and is one of the fastest growing fields in the world.  There are nearly 200,000 chefs, restaurant managers and owners needed each year.

Career Path

Students who desire a career in the food service business are required to gain experience or the proper schooling. Many times, experience cannot be gained without the education.  More and more employers are filling their entry level positions with graduates from a culinary arts program.  In many cases, an associate’s degree is required to get your foot in the door of any restaurant management position.

If you desire a career as a pastry chef, restaurant manager or food service business owner, a more advanced degree may be required.  Some students pursue a four year bachelor’s degree which helps them advance more quickly and move up in their career path.  It is beneficial to gain the schooling needed to help you advance in the industry.  While there are a lot of jobs available, competition is becoming fiercer.

Types of Degrees

The types of degrees available in culinary arts are various and it is up to you to decide the length you want to pursue your education.  Online courses and degrees are available to students who enjoy the freedom of taking classes from home.  A traditional Bachelor of Arts degree in culinary arts is available at online and traditional schools.  The bachelor’s degree program typically takes four years to complete.

Accredited colleges and universities offer associate’s degrees in culinary arts.  An associate of applied science in culinary arts is also available and one of the more common degrees pursued.  A good culinary program should consist of challenging courses that hone your skills and provide practical information that can be applied to your career.  Students should pursue an education only from an accredited institution.

There are programs that combine the culinary arts with business courses.  Students gain insight into how to run a restaurant or their own food service business.  Some of the foundational business courses may include business management, restaurant management, communication and personal finance.  Combining a culinary arts degree with a business emphasis prepares students with practical information and skills to manage, own and operate their own restaurant.

Graduation and Culinary Arts

Students who graduate with a degree in culinary arts are prepared to enter the food service industry.  A number of jobs are available to students who obtain a new degree in this field.  Students learn the proper skills needed to be successful in running and operating a restaurant or food service business.  The doors are open and the job growth is promising for students who obtain a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts.  Entry level positions are open to those who hold an associate’s degree and the sky is the limit for hard-working leaders with a passion for the industry.




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