Accelerated BSN Online: Public Health Nursing Offers Exciting Career Opportunities for College Graduates

By James Collister on March 4th, 2009

Public Health BSN Nurse and DoctorEducating preschoolers about hand washing, investigating the cause of a food-borne illness, and screening participants at a health fair for high cholesterol are all activities included in the duties of public health nurses. Responsibilities vary from day to day in the practice of public health. It also gives accelerated BSN online graduates the chance to get involved in solving community health needs.

What is a Public Health Nurse?

Public health nurses focus on improving the overall health of communities. Accelerated BSN online graduates from college who work as public health nurses may target a specific population, such as children under 5 years old or senior citizens with type 2 Diabetes. Public health nurses typically work with community leaders, teachers, parents, and physicians to educate communities about health care issues, disease prevention, and nutrition. Potential places of employment for accelerated BSN online graduates who choose to work in public health include Government and private agencies, clinics, and other private settings.

Required Education to Become a Public Health Nurse

All nurses must be licensed as Registered Nurses within the U.S. through a hospital diploma, associate degree, or bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) . For specialized areas of nursing, many employers prefer to hire nurses who have earned a BSN. Working Registered Nurses have the option of completing an accelerated BSN online program. Training includes distance education classes combined with lab and clinical experiences arranged by the university and the student. For more information about public health nursing, students may visit the American Public Health Association website.

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