Assisted Living Administration Degrees

By Brenda on January 29th, 2012


One of the fastest growing careers is assisted living administrators.  Degrees in assisted living administration, health services administration, and healthcare management are becoming more and more popular as the baby boomers enter into their twilight years.  The growing number of retirees and elderly are causing a thrust forward in the need for healthcare administrators as new facilities pop up around the country.

Health Services Bachelor Degree

For students who are interested in working along the business and administrative side of healthcare, a four year degree in health services administration is needed.  The program prepares students for a career in healthcare in the human resources, business or administrative side of the field.  A four-year degree in health services administration allows students to get their foot in the door at an entry-level position in a healthcare institution.

The program provides students with a thorough understanding of healthcare decision sciences, human resources management, quality management, healthcare finances and economics, healthcare organization and institutional management.  The program typically consists of 51 credit hours, give or take a few.

The program typically takes four years and is required for entry level positions at most hospitals, assisted living facilities and nursing homes.  Students may take classes during the summer to speed up the process of coursework and complete the program in three to three and a half years.

Master of Health Administration Degree

A standard master of health administration (MHA) program at most universities provides an advanced educational experience to graduate students and professionals interested in the management side of the healthcare field. The program typically runs 63 credit hours and 21 months to complete.  Students do have longer to complete the program, but most work steadily through to complete it in less than two years.

The standard core courses cover topics in the management of healthcare systems, U.S. healthcare policy, fundamentals of healthcare finance and health economics. Students enrolled in the program are required to complete a capstone seminar and a professional skills seminar before graduation. This is standard for most programs in health administration.  The program also requires the completion of a summer internship course to be completed at an actual healthcare facility.  The internship prepares students for real-life employment in the field.

Job Outlook

The career outlook for jobs in healthcare administration is promising and expected to be favorable for the next ten to twenty years as baby boomers continue to age and retire.  More and more healthcare facilities that specialize in treating the elderly and senior care are opening throughout the country.  A large number of senior living and assisted living facilities are popping up in prime retirement areas such as Arizona, Florida and even Texas.  As more facilities open, a demand in administrators also arises.

Students who possess a master’s degree in healthcare administration or assisted living administration are in demand.  For those who obtain a bachelor’s degree, a number of entry level positions are available in order to gain the experience needed to move up the ladder in healthcare administration.  The favorable job outlook is expected to continue to rise with no decline on the horizon.


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