Associate Degree in Business: Can an AA in Business Promote Success as a Real Estate Sales Agent?

By James Collister on February 12th, 2009

Women Business PartnersObtaining a job as a real estate sales agent can be relatively easy. Real estate sales agents must have a high school diploma and pass a written examination in order to become licensed for practice. However, minimal beginning earnings and competition with more experienced agents can make establishing a career as a real estate sales agent rather difficult. According to the Department of Labor, training in business, finance, economics, and other subjects typically presented in an associate degree in business program can help real estate sales agents boost their knowledge and skill level in the industry.

What is a Real Estate Sales Agent?

Professionals with an associate degree in business who choose to specialize as real estate sales agents assist clients who wish to buy or sell a house. A real estate sales agent typically has a good knowledge of his or her local housing market and is able to assist clients in finding the right house in the right area that best fits their needs. Associate degree in business graduates who practice as real estate agents also act as the middle person between buyer and seller when negotiating prices.

How can an Associate Degree in Business Help a Real Estate Sales Agent?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a large number of real estate sales agents have at least some college training. Many firms are now looking for real estate sales agents with a college background due to the growing complexity of real estate transactions. An associate degree in business can also be especially helpful to a real estate sales agent intending to set up his or her own real estate business.

Prospective students who are interested in earning an associate degree in business may visit, the education and career resource website, for an extensive list of available programs. For more information about becoming a real estate sales agent, students may contact the real estate licensing commission in their state.

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