Associate in Business Management: More Women Executives Means More Success in Corporate America

By James Collister on August 20th, 2010

Women Business OwnersWomen have made significant gains in corporate America over the past few decades. Over half of U.S. management and professional positions are now occupied by women. Another impressive 6 million U.S. businesses are owned by females. More women are choosing to pursue business management degrees, as corporate America acknowledges the inherent strengths women bring to the world of business.

Women Move from Associate in Business Management Degrees to Top Corporate Positions

Whether starting with an associate in business management or a master of business administration, women have more opportunities in business than ever before. Catalyst, a New York City organization that has been tracking the status of women in business, reports promising trends for working women. As of 2003, 15% of corporate officer employees in the nation’s Fortune 500 companies were women. In 1995, women occupied only 8% of corporate officer positions. Recent data also reveal that women are making strides toward securing top earning corporate officer positions. Women with Associate in Business Management Degrees are Essential to the Financial Success of Businesses

Multiple studies have shown that women bring unique assets to the business table. Overall, women excel in effective communication. They also tend to motivate others to perform at their best. Not surprisingly, Catalyst found that companies with more senior women executives financially outperformed companies with fewer women in the upper ranks. Catalyst looked at the financial data of over 350 of the Fortune 500 companies.

For more information about earning an associate in business management, students are encouraged to submit this information request form. One of the first steps towards getting involved in corporate America is earning a business degree. An Associate in Business Management degree is a good starting point for many women. Flexible online classes and focused business training helps women become competitive for some of the best entry-level business jobs.

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