Bachelor Business Administration Degree Online: Learn What it Takes to Be a Chief Information Officer

By James Collister on February 22nd, 2009

Cheif Information OfficersA Chief Information Officer is one of the top executives in an organization. According to the Department of Labor, top executives are some of the highest paid workers in the U.S. Top executives also often receive top-quality benefits, including use of company aircraft, cars, and executive dining rooms. Although a bachelor of business administration degree online alone is not likely to qualify a worker for a Chief Information Officer position, it can serve as a solid foundation for future opportunities as a top executive.

What Does a Chief Information Officer Do?

Chief Information Officers shoulder the responsibility for the technological direction of their organizations. A bachelor of business administration degree online graduate who later works as a Chief Information Officer creates projects for the organization and takes on the task of proposing a budget for the program, hiring staff to carry out the project, and overseeing the work as it is being done. It is the Chief Information Officer with a background in bachelor of science business administration that the organization looks to for guidance in the use of information technology as a competitive tool.

Required Education to Become a Chief Information Officer

There is no formal educational path towards becoming a Chief Information Officer. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that a large number of top executives have a bachelor of science in business (BSB) or a graduate degree in a related discipline. Earning a bachelor of business administration degree online or through a campus program equips students with the critical thinking skills necessary for making sound business decisions in the future. In addition to learning technical business knowledge, students at Kaplan University who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration degree online program have the opportunity to learn from experienced business professionals who have decided to teach at the university level.

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