Bachelor Business Degree in Management of Information Systems: Enter an IT Career in the Business Environment

By James Collister on March 1st, 2009

Business Management GraduatesAccording to the U.S. Department of Labor, more education leads to more money and lower rates of unemployment for life. A worker who has earned a bachelor’s degree makes $900 each week, whereas the high school graduate makes only an average of $554 each week. During the 2003 – 2004 academic year, a total of 307,149 bachelor business degree diplomas were awarded.

Many professionals are now opting to return to school to earn a bachelor of science degree in business (BSB) . Schools, such as Kaplan University, offer online bachelor business degrees for those working professionals who wish to advance or further develop their careers. Kaplan students can obtain their bachelor business degree in management of information systems or in one of three alternative specialty areas, including accounting, finance, and business security and assurance.

Spotlight on Management of Information Systems at Kaplan University

Business students who choose to focus on the management of information systems at Kaplan University learn how to manage systems development and stakeholder expectations. BSB management of information systems students acquire the technical skills essential for developing systems and controlling their life expectancies, and gain an understanding of how software and hardware fit the needs of various users. Kaplan University boasts that graduates of their bachelor business degree in management of information systems go on to attain positions in the IT departments of major companies and government agencies.

Alternative Options with a Bachelor of Science in Business

One of the reasons for its popularity as a bachelor degree choice is that a Bachelor of Science in Business provides a broad educational foundation for a wide variety of career paths. Students who graduate from an accredited bachelor degree business online program can pursue careers in: Banking. Financial services. Purchasing. Information technology. Marketing. Human Resources. Management and Leadership.

In addition to the four specialty areas of its bachelor business degree, Kaplan University offers an Advanced Start Bachelor of Science in Business. This Advanced Start BSB allows students to complete a bachelor of science in business in as little as 12 months.

The Bachelor of Science in Business helps students develop critical thinking skills that are essential to making effective decisions in today’s business world and provides workers with the technical abilities to succeed in their specialty of choice. For students interested in learning more about their options for earning a bachelor degree in business,, the education and career resource website, provides and extensive list of schools and available degree programs.

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