Bachelor Degree in Business Administration: Learn What it Takes to Be a Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

By James Collister on February 22nd, 2009

Business Administration CEO'sLanding a position as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an organization typically does not happen with a bachelor degree in business administration alone. CEO’s are some of the nation’s highest-paid workers who have an endless list of responsibilities and work long hours. However, earning a bachelor degree in business administration can serve as a good foundation for advanced education and work experience that will one day qualify a worker for a CEO position.

What Does a CEO Do?

A CEO shoulders the responsibility for the overall operation and oversight of an organization. He or she sets goals for their company, appoints department heads, and oversees budgets and resources. A CEO, with a bachelor degree in business administration background, works with other executives within his or her company, and meets with board members and staff to solicit feedback about the operation of the organization, and maintains the efficient operation of the business. Delegation of work is a major part of a CEO’s activities in order to carry out the scope of tasks that are required to run an organization effectively.

Required Education to Become a CEO

There are no formal educational requirements to become a CEO, according to the Department of Labor. However, many CEO’s have a bachelor degree in business administration or a master degree in business administration. Formal business training equips students with the critical thinking skills necessary to make sound decisions in the increasingly complex world of business. Kaplan University students participating in the online Bachelor Degree in Business Administration also have the opportunity to learn real-world knowledge from experienced business professionals who are now teaching at the university level.

Working as a CEO requires good personal skills, an analytical mind, and clear communication abilities. Other qualities the Department of Labor deems helpful for CEO’s are: leadership, self-confidence, motivation, decisiveness, flexibility, good business judgment, and determination.

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