Bachelor Degree in Nursing Online: Nephrology Nurses Attend to the Complex Needs of Patients with Kidney Disease

By James Collister on March 3rd, 2009

Nephrology NurseKidney disease can affect or threaten patients of all ages throughout the lifecycle. Nephrology nurses who care for patients with kidney disease also treat a variety of other conditions that stem from kidney malfunction. Consequently, in order to provide quality patient care, nephrology nurses benefit from the advanced training provided by a bachelor degree in nursing online.

What is a Nephrology Nurse?

A graduate with a bachelor degree in nursing online who chooses to work as a nephrology nurse cares for patients who are experiencing, or are at risk of kidney disease. Nephrology nurses provide care to prevent onset and worsening of kidney disease. They approach the treatment process from a holistic perspective as the treatment of kidney diseases can involve every organ system in the body. Possible occupations as a nephrology nurse include hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis nursing, patient education, and research.

Required Education to Become a Nephrology Nurse

Nephrology nursing can be a highly complex field that changes with new technology and research. Many employers prefer to hire Registered Nurses who have earned a bachelor of science in nursing due to the advanced training and critical thinking development it provides. Some schools are now offering a bachelor degree in nursing online for working Registered Nurses who wish to advance their nursing skills. For example, Kaplan University offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing online combined with clinical and lab work that is coordinated through students and the university. Advanced education also provides nephrology nurses with the option of pursuing management and leadership positions within hospital nephrology departments and nephrology clinics.

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