Bachelor Degree Management Online Program: Build a Foundation for a Career in Crisis Management Consulting

By James Collister on February 23rd, 2009

Business ManagersIn recent years, management consulting has become a popular tool among companies around the world. Profits for management consulting companies have skyrocketed in recent decades. BBC news reported that Anderson Consulting watched profits soar from $1 billion in 1989 to $6 billion in 1997. McKinsey and Company expanded from its original U.S. market in 1926 to 74 branches in 38 countries by 1997. The increasing complexity of business has driven a demand for professionals with expertise in specific areas of management. As a result, professionals with a bachelor degree in management online diploma are seeing opportunities in areas such as crisis management consulting.

What is a Crisis Management Consultant?

Bachelor degree in management online graduates who choose to specialize as crisis management consultants are typically called into an organization when a company is facing some type of crisis. Examples of potential crises that may necessitate a management consultant include financial difficulties, negative public relations, or strategic dilemmas that threaten extinction of a business, such as the introduction of CD’s for a cassette tape manufacturer. Because organizations do not typically employ managers with every type of needed expertise, a crisis management consultant is brought in on a contract basis to provide specific recommendations for successfully overcoming a crisis.

Required Education to Become a Crisis Management Consultant

There is no specific educational path towards becoming a crisis management consultant. However, crisis management consultants must have expert-level knowledge in crisis management in order to deliver effective service to their clients. A degree in business management can provide essential training in subjects such as organizational culture, finance, and management techniques. Schools, such as Kaplan University, provide bachelor degree in management online programs that are specifically designed for working professionals. Completing a bachelor degree in management online program equips students with critical thinking skills and provides a marketable credential for future consulting endeavors.

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