Bachelor Degree Nursing Online Program: Forensic Corrections Nurses Provide Needed Treatment to Inmates

By James Collister on February 25th, 2009

CaduceusAccording to a recent report in The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, forensic nursing is currently one of the fastest growing disciplines within the field of nursing. Whereas many forensic nurses specialize in areas that link medicine and law, forensic corrections nurses provide direct care for offenders who need medical attention in correctional facilities. Bachelor degree nursing online programs as well as forensic nursing certificate programs are providing needed education and training for nurses interested in pursuing a career as a forensic corrections nurse.

What is a Forensic Corrections Nurse?

Forensic corrections nurses are usually bachelor degree nursing online program graduates who typically work in the following settings: Forensic corrections nurses work in prisons. Forensic corrections nurses work in jails. Forensic corrections nurses work in juvenile detention centers. Common treatment activities include administering medications to inmates, serving in the corrections facility’s hospital, and caring for victims of fights. Bachelor degree nursing online graduates who work as forensic corrections nurses may also be called upon to assist in negotiations when inmates become violent and create hostile situations.

Required Education to Become a Forensic Corrections Nurse

Forensic corrections nurses must be licensed as registered nurses within the U.S. Licensure may be obtained through a hospital diploma, associate degree, or bachelor degree nursing online or campus program. BSN nursing schools such as Kaplan University, offer a Forensic Nursing Certificate Program that provides essential training in forensic sciences. Kaplan’s accelerated BSN online program also offers students the opportunity to pursue a specialty within the field of nursing. Prospective students who are interested in more information on a career as a Forensic Corrections Nurse may visit the International Association of Forensic Nurses website.

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