Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing: Peace Corps Nursing Opportunities

By James Collister on March 20th, 2009

Online Nurse GraduateIn 1961, President John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps to promote mutual understanding between Americans and foreign countries. The Peace Corps currently has a presence in over 70 countries in which volunteers work with: Government, Schools, Education, Entrepreneurs, Health, HIV/AIDS, Information technology, Agriculture, The environment.

For graduates who possess a bachelor of science degree in nursing, the Peace Corps offers some exciting career opportunities.

What Does a Registered Nurse Do in the Peace Corps?

In general, graduates with a bachelor of science degree in nursing who choose to practice in the Peace Corps work to ensure the health and safety of volunteers. Nurses are involved in medical screenings of volunteers, primary care of volunteers while on assignment, and vaccination administration. Graduates with a bachelor of science degree in nursing are also involved in vaccinating children in foreign countries against problematic diseases. The range of diseases and nursing activities can vary widely depending on the country of assignment. Some registered nurses may even be called upon to serve as a Peace Corps Medical Officer (PCMO), which encompasses acting as the sole primary care provider where access to a physician is otherwise limited. Acting as a Registered Nurse for the Peace Corps is a paid position and offers a competitive salary, according to Sarah Adams, RN, CFNP, MS, an international health coordinator for the Peace Corps.

Requirements to be a Peace Corps Nurse

Educational requirements for Peace Corps nurses vary according to position. All nursing positions require a minimum of graduation from a hospital diploma, associate degree, or bachelor of science degree in nursing program along with current registration. Nurses who wish to practice as a PCMO are required to have a bachelor of science degree in nursing and preferred to have at least 5 years of health care experience. International experience boosts employment prospects with the Peace Corps as a way of demonstrating knowledge of life outside the U.S.

For more information about employment with the Peace Corps, students may visit the Peace Corps website., a leading education and career resource website, is another source of information with an extensive list of available bachelor of science degree in nursing programs and informative articles for making education and career decisions.

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