Bachelor of Science Nursing Online: Working Registered Nurses Attend Kaplan University to Gain Credibility as Writers

By James Collister on March 3rd, 2009

Bachelor of Science NurseFor nurses with a knack for writing, a host of exciting job opportunities exists by combining clinical and writing skills. Pharmaceutical companies, medical marketing companies, and professional organizations need knowledgeable Registered Nurses to create written professional publications. With a bachelor of science nursing online degree, Kaplan University students develop writing skills, hone clinical knowledge, and boost their credibility as nursing writers.

Kaplan Bachelor of Science Nursing Online Graduates as Nurse Writers

Fortunately, medical writing rarely requires the artistic abilities of a Mark Twain or a Maya Angelou. Registered Nurses who wish to work as medical writers simply require professional writing skills and the appropriate clinical knowledge to create, edit, and proof materials such as: Articles for journals and newspapers. Education and training materials. Sales and Marketing Publications. Textbooks. Books about historically important nurses.

With a bachelor of science nursing online degree, Kaplan graduates are prepared to assume a variety of positions as nurse writers, including: Medical Writer. Medical Editor. Editorial Assistant. Managing Editor. Medical Copyeditor/Proofreader.

In addition to working for a traditional employer, nurse writers may also choose to engage in freelance work.

Use a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Online from Kaplan University to Jump-Start a Writing Career

Work as a nurse writer typically requires at least a bachelor of science in nursing, according to Nursing Spectrum. A bachelor of science in nursing teaches basic professional writing development and critical thinking skills. Working Registered Nurses have the option of attending Kaplan University’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing online program. The majority of coursework can be completed through distance education along with labs and clinical rotations arranged between the university and the student.

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