Benefits of an Online Master’s Degree

By Brenda on August 26th, 2011


In the past, students who wanted to pursue a master’s degree had three options:

  • Begin their program shortly after their bachelor’s degree
  • Wait to enroll, put their career on hold, and go back to school
  • Continue working and take one class per term and finish in 3-5 years

Distance learning has now changed all of that. The way things were done in the past are not the way things are done today. Online master’s degree programs allows students to keep working full-time, yet be able to complete their degree before they reach retirement age.

Compete in the Job Market

Master’s degree use to be a rare site just like many luxury brands use to before they were introduced to big box retail stores. That doesn’t mean earning a master’s degree is easier than it was before or not a huge accomplishment. It just means that they have lost a little bit of luster over the years because they are much more commonplace than they once were.

Today, many professionals have to have a master’s degree just to compete for decent jobs. Fields like engineering, math, teaching, and psychology have an unwritten rule that you need to have a master’s degree to have any chance at reaching your career goals. Many experts say that the master’s degree is on its way to being the new bachelor’s.

Complete your Degree Faster

Schools are businesses too, and have had to respond to the evolving needs of their students. Long gone are the days where college students were 18 year old kids out of high school. Non-traditional students that have families and full-time jobs have become much more common, and colleges and universities have had to adapt to be able to earn these people’s business.

Many online master’s degree programs do not require students to visit campus, and can be completed in as short as 12 months. Non-traditional adult learners want to finish as fast as they can because they know a better career or promotion awaits them.

Flexible Schedule

Along with being able to get done quicker, this has to be the other main benefit of an online master’s degree program. The asynchronous learning environment allows students who have busy lives to work on their schoolwork when they want to.

Diverse Student Body

Distance learning is not bound by location. Students who enroll in online master’s degree programs have the opportunity to network and interact with students from all over the globe. This adds richness to the educational experience that would not be possible in the classroom.




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