Best Companies to Work For

By Brenda on December 7th, 2011


Everyone knows that the reason for going to college is to get a great job. Sure the learning is great and all that, but it’s all about the Benjamin’s and the corner office. There are some great companies out there that are waiting to hire you. But there are also some organizations that you want to avoid. You’ve probably heard the nightmarish stories from some of your friends about their first job out of college. Well, we’re here to help you avoid those type of life experiences by showing you the top employers to work for. These companies offer great compensation, killer benefits, opportunity for advancement, and a great corporate culture. Let’s take a look:

1. SAS

SAS is always at or near the top of the list. They are a software company known for their killer benefits including healthcare services right on site. They also have on-site daycare that’s affordable, car detailing, a 70,000 square foot gym, beauty salon, and more. They treat their employees like royalty and appreciate them. The company is located in Cary, NC. There are approximately 5,600 employees.

2. Boston Consulting Group

BCG is widely regarded as the finest business consulting firm in the world. They typically only hire from the pool of the top 20 colleges in the country or existing consultants who have performed well at other firms. Consulting is not for everyone as they work 60+ hours per week. BCG offers great compensation and allows time for their employees to have a life outside of work. They believe in giving back to the community and even pulled some of their employees of consulting projects to help assist in Haiti after the earth quake. The company is located in Boston and has about 1,700 employees.

3. Wegmens Food Markets

Wegmens headquarters is located in Rochester, NY and employees nearly 40,000 people. It’s like a big super market chain with a local market feel. They care about their employees and show it. Last year they offered free health screenings and free H1N1 flu shots to all of their workers. They also had a “Biggest Loser” challenge that included a nice sized cash prize for the winner.

4. Google

The search engine giant is known for its great perks such as free food on its campus. They also have a rock wall and free laundry. Employees can also hand out $175 bonuses when they see someone doing a great job. Last year, even in this down economy, Google offered all of their employees a 10% raise. Big G is located in Mountain View CA.

5. NetApp

This data storage biz is known for their handsome salaries. Their hourly administrative assistants earn a cool $79,000 a year because of the staggering $22,000 bonus they receive. The firm also offers all employees free espresso any time they want. Very appropriate for a company located on East Java Drive in Sunnyvale, CA.


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