Best Study Music

By Brenda on March 1st, 2012


Some students love listening to music when they study. In fact, many students say they can’t study without. But are there better types of music to listen to when studying than others? There sure are. Let’s take a look at what the experts say.

Classical Music

Classical music helps activate both sides of the brain for optimal learning. This results in an increased ability to take in and retain information. The best type of classical music to listen to is Baroque. Classical music is also proven to help students concentrate and feel relaxed.

Foreign Music

One of the most distracting parts of listening to music while studying for some students are the lyrics. Instead of studying you find yourself singing along with your favorite artists. Listening to music in another language will alleviate this problem. It will also expose you to music that people from other cultures listen to. You just might find something you like.

Jazz Music

Much like classical music, jazz has similar affects on the brain. You will feel like you are studying in some hip, swanky jazz bar. How cool is that?!

No Music

Some people just get too distracted when listening to music. It really has to do with personality and learning style. Some students can only study when it is dead silent. Any sort of noise and their concentration gets broken. For others, the silence causes their mind to wander. Students that enjoy studying with music have the ability to drowned out the music and focus in on the material they’re studying.

Music With Repetition

Music that has a consistent beat such as hip hop, rap, and most forms of modern pop music can actually be detrimental to your study session. Medical experts say that listening to music with repetitive beats causes the mind to go into neutral. After three or four of the same rhythms the mind goes numb.

Inspirational Music

If you’re dragging through your study session and feel like giving up you might try some inspirational music in your iPod. It uplifts and invigorates. Who couldn’t use some uplifting during a study session?
As you can see music can be a college student’s best friend. Combine some good music and a coffee and you’ll be well on your way to the Dean’s list.

So what music do you listen to when you study? Share with us. We love sharing!



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