Best Tips for Developing Good Study Habits

By Brenda on September 30th, 2011


Best Tips for Developing Good Study Habits

Are your grades suffering as a result of some bad study habits?  Do you have a hard time saying no when something more fun than studying comes along?  If so, you need to develop some better study habits that will turn your grades around and get you on the right track.  Here’s how to get past the old study habits and develop the new.

Put school before fun

One of the worst habits to get into is to accept fun over studying.  When a friend arrives on a Wednesday night and wants you to go out, but you have an exam the following morning you need to study for, forsaking study time is not a good idea.  This is one of the most common bad study habits students give into.

The best way to develop a good study habit in this area is not to eliminate your entire social life.  Use the time block strategy so that you can still have some fun in your life.  Start earlier and study from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm, then cut it off and go out for a couple hours with your friends.  Remember to set your alarm and block out a couple of additional hours the following morning.

Don’t be easily distracted

With so much technology at your disposal it can be easy to get distracted.  If you are a compulsive Facebook checker or addicted to television, the habit can be broken and get you on the right track with your studies.

The best thing to do is to find a quiet place where there is little to no distractions.  The library is a great place to get some studying done.  Remember to leave your phone at home or locked away in your backpack.

Be efficient with your time

Do you use your time wisely?  Most students don’t, which is why problem can develop.  New students often struggle with time management, especially if they have never been exposed to heavy schedules with deadlines.  It is important to write down your schedule and re-work it to include study time.  You may be surprised at how many breaks in the day you can fit in some reading or studying.

Quit being a chronic procrastinator

Procrastination can be a killer, in college or in the workplace.  It is important to try to develop this habit into a good one, before it is too late.  While it may be tempting to leave that paper until the last minute, you may get overwhelmed and even stressed out in the long run.  Look at your syllabus and see when the papers and projects are due.  Start early by chiseling out an hour each day to work on the projects, until you have them done.

Your bad study habits can be broken with a little determination and motivation.  Choose methods that will improve your studies and ultimately your grades and stick to them.  Before long, you will be sailing through school and so happy you made slight changes to your habits.



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