BSN Nursing Salaries: Does the Increase in Pay Outweigh the Cost of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing?

By James Collister on December 14th, 2009

Bachelor of Science in Nursing GraduatesReceiving higher BSN nursing salaries is one of the top reasons RN’s choose to head back to school. Bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) diplomas come with a wealth of rewards. But are the benefits worth the effort, time, and money of earning a bachelor degree?

Students Earn BSN Nursing Salaries without Spending a Penny on Education

Some RN’s are finding creative ways to earn a BSN. Nursing salaries increase with the help of nursing financial aid programs, such as: Nursing Scholarships: Many government and private sources offer scholarships to students who plan to major in nursing. Schools, such as University of Phoenix and Kaplan University, gladly accept many nursing scholarship programs.

Nursing Grants: Most BSN schools accept federal financial aid, such as the Federal Pell Grant. Awards are typically offered according to financial need as indicated on the yearly FAFSA form.

Nursing Subsidized Loans: Federal subsidized loans help many RN’s to afford a BSN. Interest rates are low, and payments usually begin after graduation, when BSN nursing salaries are in effect.

Nursing Employer Reimbursement: Some nursing employers now offer tuition reimbursement for workers. RN’s are able to continue working and attend part-time classes at the employer’s expense.

Lifetime BSN Nursing Salaries Surpass the Cost of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Although BSN nursing salaries vary by specialty, an RN with a bachelor degree earns more than an RN with an associate degree or hospital diploma. Professionals with a bachelor degree earn $8,400 more per year than associate degree graduates. Over a lifetime, the RN with a BSN would earn $500,000 more than the RN with only an associate degree, a number that more than compensates for the cost of education.

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