BSN: Nursing Students Agree, Selecting a School is Most Important Part of Planning Process

By James Collister on January 25th, 2011

BSN nursing graduateDeciding to go back to school for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) involves a lot of paperwork and decisions. To assist prospective BSN nursing students through the planning process, researchers surveyed 36 current BSN nursing students. The students’ overwhelming consensus was that selecting a school is the most important step of the planning phase.

BSN Nursing Students Identify 6 Key Factors to Consider

Time and attention need to be given to personal goals and needs, said survey responders. Overall, BSN nursing students identified 6 critical factors to consider:

  • Flexibility of Scheduling BSN Nursing Classes.
  • Prerequisite Courses to the BSN Nursing Program.
  • Credit Transfer Policy of BSN Nursing School.
  • Reputation and Accreditation of BSN Nursing School.
  • Estimated Time Required to Complete the BSN Nursing Degree.
  • Cost of the BSN Nursing Program.

BSN Nursing Students Share Warnings and Advice

Speak with current BSN nursing students or recent graduates from the school in consideration, advised one survey responder. Investigating the graduation rate of the BSN nursing school is another possible decision-making tool.

One warning given by current BSN nursing students was to not place too much emphasis on program cost.

“School is costly, but I don’t think you can put a price on knowledge,” stated one student.

Additional decision-making tools and links to BSN nursing programs are available through, the leading education and career resource website.

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