BSN Program: Telenursing Links Patient and Nurse Over Large Geographical Distances

By James Collister on March 5th, 2009

BSN NurseAs a result of nursing shortages, an aging population, and the need for health care services in remote areas, the provision of health care through telecommunications has been growing in popularity in many countries. Offering health care through information technology is also an innovative way to reduce the cost of health care services. Telehealth involves a wide variety of health care professionals, including BSN program graduates who choose to specialize in telenursing.

What is Telenursing?

BSN program graduates who work in telenursing provide nursing care through telecommunications when there is an expansive physical distance between nurse and patient. Telenursing is often used to provide home care to patients in rural or remote areas who are immobile or suffer from chronic diseases. Typical conditions monitored include: Diabetes. Heart disease. Parkinson’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease.

Care is administered with the use of technologies such as videoconferencing, the internet, and videophone.

Required Education to Work in Telenursing

Telenursing requires practicing nurses to be licensed in the state and country in which they work as well as the state and country in which the patient resides. Licensure within the U.S. is obtained through a hospital diploma, associate degree, or BSN program, along with successful completion of the NCLEX exam. Depending on the area of practice within telenursing, employers may prefer nurses to graduate from a BSN program that offers specialized training and education.

Working Registered Nurses interested in expanding their nursing knowledge and scope of practice are now able to complete BSN program options through telecommunications as well. For example, Kaplan University offers a BSN program that can be completed through a combination of distance education classes and in-person coordinated clinical practice. Prospective students interested in earning a BSN degree with the use of telecommunications may visit, a leading education and career resource website with an extensive list of available BSN program schools.

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