California Colleges and Universities: Pursuing Online College and Campus-based Education in California, the “Golden State”

By James Collister on March 28th, 2009

California College StudentsAs the most populous state in the U.S., California offers a broad variety of education and employment options for individuals looking to secure a future in the “Golden State”. San Francisco colleges, Los Angeles universities, San Diego schools, and more provide training in biotechnology, film, engineering, and other high growth California industries. Many California colleges and universities accept California financial aid programs, allowing single parents and working professionals to advance their careers through higher education. The “Golden State” is earning its nickname by offering a wealth of opportunity for prospective California college students.

California College Graduates Enter a Wide Range of Professions with California’s Top Employers

California’s large geographical land mass and population are accompanied by an extensive array of industries. Graduates of California universities and colleges can expect to find employment in the top six industries reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • California Manufacturing
  • California Trade, Transportation, & Utilities
  • California Professional & Business Services
  • California Government
  • California Educational & Health Services
  • California Leisure & Hospitality

Top employers vary according to California university students’ locations within the state. Below is a sampling of top California employers by city from California’s Employment Development Department:

  • San Francisco Top Employers: Veteran’s Administration, USCF Medical Center, San Francisco Police Department
  • San Diego Top Employers: 32nd Naval Station, Kaiser Permanente, Goodrich Aerospace
  • Los Angeles Top Employers: Fox Films, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, American Honda Motor Company Inc.

Economic Statistics Reveal California as a Major Contributor to the U.S. Economy

With a median household income of more than $5,000 above the national average and an impressive unemployment rate, California college graduates can count on a thriving local economy. The U.S. Census Bureau and Department of Labor offer promising facts about California’s economic health: The average 2004 – 2005 California median household income was $51,312. The unemployment rate for September, 2006 in California was 4%. If California was a country, it would have the 8th largest economy in the world. California contributes 13% of the national GDP.

California College Students Find Access to Generous Financial Aid Programs

California financial aid programs are grouped into the Cal Grants program, administered by the California Student Aid Commission. Many California colleges and universities, including University of Phoenix, Westwood College, and Devry University, are eligible to accept Cal Grants. California college students receiving Cal Grants are not required to pay back financial awards.

More information about attending California schools is available through, the leading education and career resource website. Prospective students will find access to an extensive list of California degree programs as well as informative articles for making education and career decisions in the state of California.

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