other and general campus degreesMost general education courses are classroom intensive programs designed to get its students qualified and certified quickly. It’s a long way from the traditional apprentice programs run through businesses or labor organizations that can take years. contains many examples of the new educational front led by distance learning programs and vocational schools that have stripped the academic function down to essentials.

You’ll find it an interesting process to look through the general classes and general education programs offered by our partner schools. You may see a career opportunity that has never occurred to you prior to earning a general education diploma. Our online schools in particular are designed for people who are working and have other responsibilities. You can take whatever college credits you may have accumulated and apply them to an entirely new course of endeavor. You can also get that certification or general education degree that will move you out of a dead end and into a position of dynamic opportunity. Look at your next educational step with an open mind; you may see opportunities that you can qualify for in one to two years that may never have seemed possible. Distance learning and general education online has made that possible for all of us.

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