Can You Take an Online Course for Free?

By Brenda on September 30th, 2011



If you do not want to go to the expense of enrolling in college and taking the required classes that will get you that online degree, but rather taking just one course, you are in luck!  There are a number of online courses that can be taken without requiring you to be enrolled in a major.

Better yet, these courses can be free if you know where to look and what to do.  Since there is no financial aid for just one course, you must get creative in order to save money.  Below are a few ideas, tips and strategies for taking an online course for free.

Find free education sites

There are a number of free education sites available to students who want to take an online course.  Most free courses are not teacher run, but do allow you to work at your own pace.  You may have to buy books or materials required for the course, but some online classes post all of the required reading online so there are no fees involved.

Some of the best business classes are offered online through the Small Business Administration.  Students are eligible to pick up a new skill or receive certification within a field of study, all for free.

Get your employer to foot the bill

It may be easy to get your employer to foot the bill for online courses if the class you want to take is related to your job.  Simply express your interest in taking the class and show your employer how it will help them.  Some companies offer a tuition reimbursement or assistance program that will actually pay for your classes.  You may have to pay for the course upfront and then accept reimbursement from your employer.

It is important to provide your employer with legitimate and convincing reasons why they should pay for your schooling.  Explain how the class will improve your work and make you a better employee.

Get grant-funded

Work training funds are often available in each state and can be used for you to take online college courses.  Organizations that specialize in training programs are often good resources for finding grants and available money.  There is a lot of money out there; you just have to take the time to look for it.

Some stipulations for grant funding may be required.  Most organizations that offer funding to college students require that the college of institution of choice be accredited.  Without a valid accreditation, the funding may not be offered.  You can get the school’s accreditation facility and provide it to the funding organization.  Verification is almost always required before money is released.


There are many ways available to save money when taking online classes. Even if you only want to register for one class, the decision doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.  Through careful research and a little perseverance you can take online courses for free.


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