Career Options for MBA Graduates

By Brenda on July 25th, 2011



A Master’s in Business Administration is one of the most highly sought after, lucrative degrees out there. An MBA often means a fast track to top paying positions but what type of careers do MBA grads typically migrate to? Read on to find out.

Accounting Careers

Accounting careers are usually among the fastest growing jobs in the economy year after year. Accountants are responsible for knowing the financial state of the organization at all times. An accountant learns the ins and outs of the organization they work for and are often promoted to top executive positions such as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Vice President of Finance.

Consulting Careers

Many MBA graduates go on to work for consulting firms where they are able to share their knowledge of business with firms that are looking to improve performance. Consulting is big business and MBA graduates can easily earn a six figure salary for their services. Organizations will pay large sums of money to people who can provide plausible solutions for their business.

Commercial Banking Careers

Commercial banking careers are another common career avenue taken by MBA graduates. MBA graduates often work as vice presidents or top managers overseeing the entire bank’s operations or an individual department.

Investment Banking

Investment banking is a very lucrative field and attracts many MBA’s because of the large salaries. Investment banking careers include mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance. Investment bankers need to know how the valuation of companies as well as a sound understanding of financial markets and instruments. Top investment bankers can easily earn seven figure salaries.

Money Management Careers

Money management careers include managing wealth for organizations or individuals. MBA graduates have a wealth of knowledge about financial instruments and investing so a career in money management is a natural fit. They often spend their time analyzing financial statements, preparing financial models, and preparing investment strategies for clients.

Real Estate Investment Careers

MBA graduates can move into residential or commercial real estate careers. Real estate has always been a draw for business minded individuals because of the opportunity it presents in making a lot of money. MBA grads can become real estate brokers, real estate agents, or commercial property investors.

Information Technology Careers

Many MBA programs offer students an information technology track that teaches students how information technology and business work together. Graduates of these programs are highly sought after because of their knowledge and expertise in both fields. They often serve as business consultants that offer IT solutions to improve business functions.

Entrepreneurial Careers

More and more MBA are choosing to own and operate a small business. Many MBA programs offer an entrepreneurial track teaching students how to create their own company from the ground up.


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