Career Options for Psychology Majors

By Brenda on July 25th, 2011



Psychology has always been a popular major but some students have found it difficult to find jobs because of the ambiguity of the degree. While there are several career options for students who earn a master’s degree in psychology the reality is that 75% of students who earn a bachelor’s degree in the field do not go on to earn a masters. So what career options are there for those with a bachelor’s degree in psychology? Let’s review.

Sales Professionals

Psychology students learn a lot about human emotions and communication. These skills come in handy for sales professionals who are paid to influence people to purchase goods and services. Many sales professionals do not have bachelor’s degrees so a person with a BA in psychology often has a leg up on the competition.

Advertising Agents

Psychology teaches the art and science of persuasion which is an essential skill to have to be successful in the advertising world. A career in advertising includes doing market research, consumer behavior, and building a marketing campaign with products based on that research.

Career Counselors

A job as a career counselor involves helping people find out their strengths and interests and matching them up with a career that is a good fit for them. Career counselors can work for private and public organizations or operate their own career counseling business.

Probation and Parole Officers

Many psychology majors end up working in the criminal justice field as a probation or parole officer. They typically work for state and local agencies and work with a specific demographic of offenders such as juveniles. These criminal justice professionals supervise parolees at home, work, school, and serve as a liaison between other agencies that partner with them to help assimilate the offender back into society.

Free Lance Writers

Psychology degrees require a great deal of writing. Free lance writing careers have exploded in recent years as companies can save money by hiring free lancers to do projects. Free lance writers work on a variety of projects such as web content, e-books, sales letters, press releases, and blogs.

Market Researchers

Market research professionals perform a variety of tasks such as conducting interviews, performing opinion polls, collecting data, and interpreting results. Psychology students learn how to collect and analyze statistical data as part of their undergraduate curriculum.

Child Care Workers

Psychology graduates often find work in the education field as child care workers or administrators working with kids in a mental health capacity.

Social Service Specialists

Psychology graduates can find work as social service specialists who match up people with the social services that they need. These people often work for state employment agencies, non-profits, and other government agencies that refer clients to services.



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