Career Profile: Specialty Headhunter

By Brenda on December 27th, 2011


Headhunters are professionals that are hired by organizations to seek out the best applicants to fill a specific job opening within the company. Many recruiters are generalists and work to fill positions within a variety of industries. There is a growing trend of recruiters that are now becoming specialty recruiters that work within a specific niche such as sales, health, legal, and IT. These recruiters are being sought after more and more because of their deep industry knowledge. Many organizations do not have the contacts and expertise to find the best candidates, but specialty recruiters do.

Sales Headhunters

Sales headhunters work to help their clients find top sales talent to fill positions. They understand the sales position and what type of people are successful in sales. A career in sales is not for everyone, and sales headhunters know that. Many sales recruiters have a background in sales and are essentially sales people themselves so it makes for a natural fit. Some sales recruiters work in a variety of industries while others like to work within a specific industry such as manufacturing. Sales headhunters can make a lucrative living by being paid to fill positions with the talent they find for their clients.

Legal Headhunters

Legal headhunters are paid to fill positions within the legal industry such as attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, and various support staff. Legal headhunters are used a great deal because of the specificity of skills sets that legal jobs require. Legal headhunters work best when they have a deep contact list and are very familiar with the different aspects of law. Legal headhunters typically work within a variety of industries and fill positions for large organizations’ legal departments. They also work to fill positions for law firms of all sizes.

IT Headhunters

IT headhunters make a living at helping their clients fill IT related jobs. Many human resources professionals do not have the proper background in IT to properly identify candidates within the IT field. Much of the terminology is foreign to them so it is helpful to have an IT headhunter to qualify applicants and develop a strong pool to draw from.

IT headhunters may work for a third-party IT recruiting agency. They may also be known as in-house recruiters that work for the same organization that has the job opening. IT headhunters fill positions such as software engineers, computer analysts, network administrators, and help desk technicians.

Specialty recruiters typically have a bachelor’s degree in business or a closely related field to the one that they are specializing in. The outlook for niche recruiters is strong according to labor data. The average salary for a mid-career specialty recruiter is approximately $65,000, but varies greatly by geographic location.


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