Career Services: A College’s Best Kept Secret

By Brenda on July 8th, 2011


For most students, especially adult learners, the reason for going to college is to secure a job that provides a livable wage and a sense of satisfaction. The one department that can help you meet that goal is the career services office at the school you attend. Nearly every school has a career services office including online schools. Much of the services they provide are free. Career counselors provide the same types of services to clients yet charge thousands of dollars.

Many students feel that a college diploma assures them of their dream job. That assumption is incorrect because competition for jobs is keen and there are thousands of applicants who have the same qualifications if not better. When you apply for a job your qualifications are already set in stone and you cannot improve them.

What you do have control over is how you write your resume, your cover letter, and how well you interview. Career services staff members are professionals and can teach you how to present yourself to employers in a way that will greatly improve your odds of getting an offer.

Some of the FREE services these people offer are:

  • Resume preparation and critique
  • Mock interviewing and interview prep
  • Job search skills
  • How to dress professionally
  • Personality assessments
  • Job matching based on interests, skills, and natural abilities

Many students miss out on the opportunity to utilize these services and end up staying unemployed longer than they should. Suppose there are two people who look identical on paper but one interviews better because they have been coached by a professional. Guess who gets the job?

Career services also help students find out what they should major in and what career path they should follow. A recent study showed that students do more research shopping for a used car than deciding on their major and career. This undoubtedly can be linked to the fact that the average college graduate changes careers over five times. Starting out on the right path in the first place would probably cut that number down.

If students were matched up with their ideal major and career it would save them time and money and lead to a more fulfilling work life. Studies show that people are much happier and suffer from depression far less when they are happy with their career.

Studies show that students who choose the right major quickly have much higher graduation rates than those who remain undecided. Having a career choice or major selected earlier gives the student a specific goal to shoot for and will help them push through when the times get tough.

The services provided by career services staff can lead to a student saving thousands of dollars as well as getting a higher paying job. If you need help deciding on a career or want to refine your job hunting skills stop by or call the career services office at your school – you won’t regret it!







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