Choices of Successful College Students

By Brenda on August 17th, 2011



Graduating from college is not about being the smartest or brightest student. To make through four years, two years, or however long your college degree program is takes character and decision making. Graduating from college does not happen by accident or luck. Once students realize that they become empowered and are able to move forward with their education. Research shows that successful college students share certain characteristics that make them successful, and that unsuccessful graduates are void of many of these characteristics.

Successful College Students Accept Personal Responsibility

Successful students, and people in general, are ones that see themselves as theĀ  primary reason that they succeed or fail. They do not empower others or their circumstances, they empower themselves. If they receive a bad grade in a class that was fair they accept it with the realization it was because of their own doing.

Successful College Students are Self Motivated

They are able to find a purpose, and are driven by their personal goals and dreams. They can succeed whether or not a professor, parent, or boss is motivating them.

Successful College Students Manage Their Time

Students who successfully graduate college are those who take purposeful actions and plan their time by focusing on tasks that bring them closer to their personal goals. They understand how important their time is and are willing to say no to people.

Successful College Students are Interdependent

Successful students know they cannot do it alone and they need help. They are able to build mutually supportive relationships where they receive assistance and also give to others. Successful students join study groups, meet with their instructors, and help others they see struggling.

Successful College Students are Self-Aware

They are not oblivious to their own strengths and weaknesses. They are able to objectively evaluate a situation with wisdom and are very introspective without being too harsh on themselves or defensive.

Successful Students are Life Long Learners

Successful students have a joy for learning and are able to see the value in the classes they enroll in. They have an inherent love for knowledge and self-improvement.

Successful College Students Believe in Themselves

Perhaps the most important characteristic is that successful college students believe they are able to graduate from school.

So how do you rate in these areas of human achievement? The best thing to do is do a self-analysis and see which areas you are strong in and which ones need improvement. The great thing about these principles is that anyone can live by them and therefore be a success.




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