Choosing a Major in a Down Economy

By Brenda on December 7th, 2011


One of the biggest fears people have is going to college, spending thousands of dollars on tuition, graduating, and not being able to find a job. In this current economic climate there is no guarantee that your college degree is going to end up yielding your dream job. There are plenty of grads sweeping floors at Walmart as we speak.

Many students worry about choosing the right major. Some people will tell you to avoid majors in the Humanities while others say Business degrees are no good because everyone has them. There are just too many factors to say blanket statements like that. Below we take a look at how to choose a major in a Down Economy.


Letting a down economy dictate what you want to do for the rest of your life is a dangerous thing. So many people never pursue what they’re passionate about because of fear. Choose your college major based on what you’re passionate about! If you love art history then go for it. Just because an accounting degree might get you a job quicker in a bad economy doesn’t mean you should do something you have absolutely no interest in.

If you don’t like accounting and love art history chances are you won’t end up being an accountant that long anyway. It’s those who show passion and zeal for what they love who always survive economic downturns anyway. Don’t let the economy dictate your life. Dictate your life by what you’re passionate about.


Having a purpose is the spark that gets you out of bed in the morning. Purpose will cause you to do great things despite barriers in your way. Choose a major that fulfills that sense of purpose in you. That will help you keep grinding away at school when things get tough. It will keep you moving forward looking for that job after you graduate. When passion and purpose collide you will survive any economic downturn.


By practicality I do not mean that an accounting degree is more practical than English Literature. What I mean is that you have to take into consideration your personality and natural skill set. Usually the reason people are miserable in their major, and subsequently their job, is because it does not play to their strengths and natural gifts.

It’s like putting a peg in a round hole – talk about uncomfortable. If you don’t know what kind of major you are naturally bent towards you can find out by taking a personality test or career inventory. These short assessments are well worth the effort. They will reveal to you what type of major best suites you. Great assessments include the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory. Both can be taken online or at a local employment center, college, or high school.




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