Criminal Justice Associate Degree Jobs: 7 Exciting Career Opportunities from Court Services to Detective Jobs

By James Collister on December 15th, 2009

Man with Police OfficerWhile work experience is invaluable, an associate degree can open doors to more challenging, higher paying jobs in criminal justice. Associate degree jobs are plentiful for University of Phoenix graduates. Exciting criminal justice positions now include:

1. Police Officer Criminal Justice Associate Degree Jobs

Police officers are employed by the county, state, and federal government. Although some positions require only a high school education, most urban areas are now demanding at least some college education. After a professional has earned a criminal justice associate degree, jobs are more likely to see the applicant as being committed to the field of criminal justice.

2. Court Services Officer Criminal Justice Associate Degree Jobs

Also referred to as bailiffs, court services officers provide police services to the courts. They handle security issues and physical disturbances that take place within the courts.

3. Parole Officer Criminal Justice Associate Degree Jobs

Parole officers usually supervise offenders who have been released from jail or prison. They may oversee community service or work responsibilities. Parole officers are in charge of seeing that recently-freed inmates adjust appropriately in society.

4. Probation Officer Criminal Justice Associate Degree Jobs

Alternatively, probation officers supervise offenders who are awaiting trial, or serving a sentence in the community, rather than in jail or prison. They may arrange for an offender to attend counseling or rehabilitation therapy. Sometimes probation officers investigate the personal history of an offender before he or she stands trial.

5. Corrections Treatment Specialist Criminal Justice Associate Degree Jobs

Corrections treatment specialists, or case managers, work with inmates and probation officers. Their main goal is to rehabilitate criminals and help them to create a healthy, functional life. They may also testify in court and make sentencing and release recommendations.

6. Corrections Officer Criminal Justice Associate Degree Jobs

Corrections officers work directly with inmates. The chief duty of corrections officers is to maintain order in jails and prisons. Rather than using weapons, they typically rely on communication techniques to diffuse disturbances.

7. Detective Criminal Justice Associate Degree Jobs

Detectives either work in police departments or as private investigators. Much of their time is spent researching at a desk as opposed to the patrolling duties of police officers. Years of experience are usually necessary before competing for a detective position.

Criminal justice associate degree jobs can be obtained in as little as 12 months through the University of Phoenix. For more details about the Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice at the University of Phoenix, prospective students are encouraged to fill out the information request form at

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