Cutting Edge Jobs

By Brenda on July 23rd, 2011



Maybe you are considering going to school to become an accountant, nurse, or teacher. What about a career as a social media manager, virtual assistant, or a blogger? As economic conditions, technology, and business models change so do jobs. Below we take a look at some of the most cutting edge jobs.

Business Recovery Specialist – these professionals plan and implement business solutions to help businesses keep functioning during emergencies and disasters.

E-Commerce Specialist – e-commerce is big business. These people track online shopping habits and preferences.

Social Media Managers – social media has become such an integrated part of our lives and it has a strong impact on how people are perceived. Many individuals and organizations are now hiring people to manage their social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook.

Art Therapist – art therapists help people discuss and overcome personal issues using art as a medium for healing. Some schools are now offering art therapy programs.

Nurse Paralegal – organizations are now hiring nurses. Medicine has become such a major part of law with things such as DNA evidence that law firms need full time experts to help them understand the medical aspect.

Virtual Assistant – long gone are the days that assistants have to be in the same location. Technology has enabled people to support individuals and organizations without being in the same location. Virtual assistants do the same thing other assistants do such as scheduling appointments, writing correspondence, and answering phones.

Freelance Contractor – whether you are a freelance writer or IT worker freelancing has exploded in the last ten years. It allows employees to work their own schedules and is more cost effective for employers because they save on having to provide benefits.

Smart Phone App Developer – smart phones have changed the way people communicate, get entertainment, and conduct business. A new app could be worth millions. Individuals can work for organizations or by themselves in developing apps for various smart phone operating systems and make a very lucrative living. They also can work as consultants by helping others create their own smart phone applications.

Wellness Coach – wellness coaches are experts in all areas of life and help their clients with finances, career, mental well being, physical fitness, organization, parenthood, etc. Wellness coaches are also referred to as life coaches and personal consultants.

Green Collar Consultant – green consultants come in and help organizations become more environmentally friendly by developing policies and procedures geared towards protecting the environment. Green consultants help indentify weak areas and provide plausible solutions.

Simulation Developer – simulation developers help organizations develop simulation experiences for training purposes. They are experts in corporate training and technology and are paid to make training experiences as real as possible.


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