Defending your Online Degree

By Brenda on July 13th, 2011



Defending Your Online Degree

Online education is common these days but in some employment circles online degrees are considered inferior to degrees earned in the traditional classroom. As an online graduate or a current student you may be put into a position where you need to explain your reasoning for attending an online institution. If so here are some talking points that will help you explain your decision.


The industry has really cracked down on diploma mills and illegitimate online schools but they have given legitimate online colleges and universities a bad name. One thing you can do to mitigate the stereotype is explain to a potential employer that your online school is accredited and has to live up to the same business and educational standards as a traditional school.

Effective Time Management

As an online student you have got to be able to manage your time effectively. You can use your online education as an example of how you were able to balance school, work, and other obligations by planning and coordinating your daily activities. Tell the interviewer that you can bring those project management skills to their organization.


One of the ancillary benefits of attending an online school is you learn to effectively communicate with the written word through email, chatting, social networking, and online forums. In today’s work environment it is critical for employees to be able to communicate clearly using the written word. More and more correspondence is non-verbal and you can highlight the fact you made it through college in large part because of your ability to craft clear messages.


Gone are the days when a lone executive worked on a project. Today’s business environment is all about teams working together toward a common goal. Team tasks are a large part of online pedagogy and you can explain to an employer how you have experience working on team projects which shows you are a team player. Today’s hiring managers don’t want the superstar they want the team player who can be a leader but who can also work together effectively with others.

Internal Motivation

You can show a potential employer that you did not need a teacher holding your hand to get through college meaning you will also not need to be babysat by a manger to get your work completed on time. You can make the argument that online learners are self-motivated which is a characteristic employers look for when hiring people.

Software Applications

Many online schools utilize the newest chat and video chat platforms. You will be able to explain to an interview committee your technology skills and expertise. You can show them through your online background that you have a lot of experience with video conferencing, synchronous online meetings, office software, and uploading documentation.




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