Degree online RN to BSN Programs: Become Qualified to Work as a Traveling Nurse

By James Collister on February 11th, 2009

NurseAs part of the largest industry in the U.S., registered nurses are expected to have the second fastest growing occupation through the year 2014. More emphasis is being placed on advanced education with over 32% of registered nurses already possessing a bachelor’s degree in nursing, 9% possessing a master’s degree in nursing, and 0% possessing a doctorate degree. Some nursing professionals are choosing to enroll in a degree online RN to BSN program in order to expand their employment possibilities and opportunities for advancement. One area that can be particularly unique and lucrative is working as a traveling nurse.

Working as a Traveling Nurse

Graduates of degree online RN to BSN programs who choose to work as traveling nurses work on an assignment for an average of thirteen weeks. Assignments may be less or more time, depending on the needs of the facility and the registered nurse. Graduates of degree online RN to BSN programs who work as traveling nurses have the opportunity to see a variety of settings and specialties within the field of nursing. Pay can also be higher than standard staff nursing positions.

Required Education to Work as a Traveling Nurse

Nurses may legally practice with a hospital diploma, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree in nursing. However, employers most often prefer to hire registered nurses with a bachelor’s degree in nursing from a degree online RN to BSN program or campus program. Earning an online nursing degree at the bachelor’s level provides communication, leadership, and critical thinking skills that are essential in the increasingly complex and broad field of nursing. Online nursing schools, such as University of Phoenix and Kaplan University, are now providing degree online RN to BSN programs that can be completed entirely through distance education. The University of Phoenix online nursing program has been specifically designed for working registered nurses. The degree online RN to BSN program at Kaplan University allows nurses to focus on a particular area of interest within nursing while earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Qualities for Success as a Traveling Nurse

In general, nurses need to be caring, sympathetic, responsible, and detail-oriented. Nurses must also be prepared to cope with human suffering, emergencies, and other stressful situations that arise in the health care environment. Many traveling positions in nursing require experience in a particular specialty of nursing. Practical work experience, coupled with the BSN in nursing, can be an invaluable asset in receiving assignments of choice.

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