Degrees that Get you Hired in a Down Economy

By Brenda on December 21st, 2011


This down economy has spurred a renewed interest in going back to college for many people. With the average tuition rate skyrocketing through the roof, it is that much more important for people to choose a major wisely that will parlay into a job upon graduation. The term “recession proof jobs” has become a buzzword given the tough economic times, but in reality there are no recession proof jobs. There are however “recession resistant” jobs within industries that still have high demand for skilled college graduates. If you’re struggling to find a major then here are some “recession resistant” careers that require a college degree.

Education – Careers in education are among the highest in requiring a college degree. Approximately 70% of all education jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree. There’s always demand for good educators, especially in the primary school system. Demand is driven by several factors. We all know that going to school is a law for all children so that embeds a huge recession resistant metric. Another reason is that many of today’s teachers are baby boomers that are retiring between now through 2018 according to US labor economists.

Engineering – Engineering careers are always at the top of the list for economic recession resistant jobs. A lot of the jobs are currently being filled by foreign competition, but the demand is high. In particular, civil engineering jobs are the most in demand. Civil engineers work on all phases of major construction jobs through design, implementation, and project management. The demand for civil engineering jobs is fueled by infrastructure increases in roads, bridges, and other capital projects funded in large part by the government.

Math/Computer Science – Math and computer science jobs are highly skilled positions requiring a college degree for the most part. Of these types of jobs, nearly 70% require at least a bachelor’s degree. Math and IT jobs can be found in virtually any industry which means a lot of job availability. IT is so interwoven into the fabric of society which bodes well for these graduates. The most popular jobs are software engineers. These jobs pay over six figures well before you reach the mid-career point. Software engineers develop new software as well as improve existing software.

Health – Health careers including nurses, dentists, radiologists and doctors are all skilled positions that require a college degree. Health careers are in great demand which is being fueled by increasing health demands placed on health care providers by the aging population.


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