Degrees that May Lead to a Green Job

By Brenda on October 2nd, 2011



Are you passionate about the environment and want to leave an impact on nature?  If so, a green degree may suit you.  With the growing interest in green-related studies, colleges are offering environmentally focused degrees both on campus and online.

Below are some of the most popular degree programs that emphasize approaches to green awareness and environmentally focused studies.

General Agriculture

Bachelor degrees in general agriculture are available at a number of colleges and universities.  Oregon State University offers a four year degree program entirely online.  The curriculum focuses on the agriculture field with an emphasis in crop and soil sciences, animal sciences, and agricultural business.

The online courses are flexible and allow students the freedom to study whenever they have the time.  The online curriculum prepares students for a career in agriculture.  The flexible study course allows students the freedom to pick and choose classes designed for their career goals.

Environmental Studies (Healthcare)

Online schools across the country are offering four year bachelor’s degrees in environment studies with an emphasis in healthcare.  With this degree, students approach environmental awareness and research with a health care perspective.

Students learn the impact drugs and procedures have on the environment as well as ethics and improvements in the industry.  This degree has become more and more popular with online colleges due to the growing interest in the healthcare field and environmental focus.

MBA in Environmental and Social Sustainability

Obtained an MBA online is becoming more and more common.  This degree combines the business acumen already received from undergraduate studies and adds an environmental and social emphasis.  Business practices, ethics and leadership are all emphasized in the program.  Students also learn the importance of making green decisions that affect an organization or company.

Environmental Science Management

This online degree is perfect for students who are looking to work as a leader in the environmental science industry.  Students, who are forward thinkers and thrive on resolving problems, do well in the online four year degree in environmental science management.

Not only does the degree focus on the environment and the impact business practices have on it, but a significant part of the curriculum is leadership and management based.  Students learn how to manage projects, build teams, and critically think themselves into business resolutions.  The degree is found at major online colleges and universities and is becoming more and more popular in the field of environmental science.  Students who graduate with a degree in the field are able to obtain employment at mid level management and skip entry level jobs.

Social Science

Social science degrees are offered at online colleges and provide students with an environmental science degree that emphasizes a social perspective.  Government, culture, family and community dynamics are all studies with regard to their impact on the environment.  Research is strongly taught and students who graduate with a degree in social science are often offered professorships and governmental research jobs at a wide range of organizations or institutions.



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