Entrepreneurial Studies

By Brenda on December 28th, 2011


The American dream for many includes being your own boss by running your own business. It used to be that going to college meant you would have to give up on your dream of being an entrepreneur and become a corporate drone – not anymore. Nowadays most colleges offer entrepreneurial studies that show students how to start and operate their own businesses. This is a far cry from the traditional major where students learn about being part of large corporations.

Entrepreneurial minded students get the best of both worlds. They learn how to become their own boss, yet earn a bachelor’s degree that can be used to get a job working for an employer. Entrepreneurial studies students learn very useful skills that can transfer over to the traditional work world such as company research, business analysis, accounting, marketing, business strategy, investing, and management.

In fact, many more corporations like to hire students who have an entrepreneurial bent because they are hard-working, independent, and are able to work successfully with clients. Many large consulting firms such as Boston Group, Bain, and others like to hire graduates with these skills.

Some common classes include:

  • Entrepreneurial finance
  • Foundations of entrepreneurship
  • Investor relations and funding
  • Living the entrepreneurial experience
  • Managing a growing business
  • New product design and development
  • New ventures and the business plan

Entrepreneurial studies are available at the associates, bachelors, masters, and doctorate levels. It is a common major at most nationally and regionally accredited universities. The major can also be taken in the class and online.

Students considering this major should possess strong analytical and communication skills. They should also have a desire to work for themselves and not be afraid to lead their own business. They should be natural problem solvers and have an innate curiosity about how to create and improve businesses.

Most colleges and universities require students to take classes in economics, accounting, marketing, and mathematics before being accepted as an entrepreneurial studies major.

The economic outlook for entrepreneurs remains strong despite poor economic conditions. Often time’s poor economic conditions drive small business innovation and problem solving. The outlook also remains strong because of technology that allows many entrepreneurs to enter into a business venture with relatively low startup costs and capital. An entrepreneurial studies graduate can leverage the internet to start up their own business with virtually no money. They can also do it on a part-time basis while working at a regular job.




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