Essential Interview Questions You Should Ask

By Brenda on March 3rd, 2012


When it comes to job interviewing, so much emphasis is put on the interviewer giving the right answer to the questions asked by the interview panel. But it’s also important to ask very poignant questions as well. This shows that you’ve put time into preparing and research and that you care a lot about the job to ask intelligent questions. Let’s take a look at some questions that you need to ask in your next job interview.

1. What Happened with the Last Person in the Position?

Your goal here is not to find out the latest gossip. Rather, you want to find out if the company promotes their employees or basically burns them out and discards them. Often times the previous person’s past is a picture of your future. If they are uneasy about telling you then that’s a big red flag you need to be aware of.

2. What Do You Like About Working At This Company?

This question will give you more insight on what the company culture is like. It will also give the interviewers an opportunity to speak about their personal experiences at the company. This is their opportunity to sell the company to you. If they seem uncomfortable about sharing what they like this is yet another red flag.

3. Is Work Completed in Teams or Individually?

It is important to understand how people work together to accomplish tasks. You want to know if the company highly values independent workers or if work is done in teams. This will give you a good idea of what day to day operations will be like should you obtain the job.

4. How Does Someone Succeed In This Position?

This gives you insight into what skills and character traits the company is looking for in a candidate. It also helps you to understand if it is a good fit for you. The question is direct and to the point, which will show you are interested in the job and will show the panel your genuine interest.

5. What’s the Next Step in the Hiring Phase?

This question shows confidence and will let you know what to expect. It’s an easy question to ask, but many people often forget. Once forgotten, you are now left wondering what will happen next. Are they going to call you? Will there be another interview? This should be your last question of the interview.

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