Exploring Your Creative Side: A Degree in Fine Arts

By Brenda on November 4th, 2011


If you are artistic and thrive in communicating ideas and thoughts through a creative format, a degree in fine arts may be an avenue you want to pursue.  Fine arts majors are available at online colleges and traditional universities.  Most programs take four years to complete and lead to a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

Fine Arts Courses

The program has been around for decades and is one of the most creative majors out there.  Not only do students work with paint or clay, but learn how to utilize an assortment of materials.  With advancements in digital technology and social media, fine arts programs around the country are beginning to implement other forms of instruction.

When a student begins studying fine arts at a college or online institution the fundamentals of art are typically learned.  Students learn the basics of drawing, painting, sculpting, and all of the foundations that serve as building blocks for years three and four.  During the third year of schooling, students decide on a specific area of concentration to focus their attention on the remainder of their education.  Students learn highly specific aspects of their area of concentration during the third and fourth year, and are prepared to enter a career in the area of specialization.

Career Path in Fine Arts

After deciding on which college and fine arts program to attend, you should begin planning your career path.  A career in fine arts varies in industry and options.  Many schools offer fine arts internships while you are attending school in a wide number of areas.

Another way to explore the industry is to work while attending school.  There are many options available to students enrolled in a fine arts program.  Some of the options may include working at a museum, art studio, art gallery, art dealer, or graphics design facility.  Taking advantage of internships while in school can open the door for future employment once you graduate.  You may also make great connections and open up your networking circle.

Benefits of a Fine Arts Degree

The benefits of a fine arts degree vary as much as the degree itself.  Whether you are looking to open your own art gallery someday or grab a job in a visual arts center, a degree in fine arts will prepare you for the career path.  If art is an interest to you and you have some gifting in the field, it is not something you must only keep as a hobby.  Turn you love and passion for the arts into a career and enjoy a lifelong dream of doing something you care about.

Fine artists enjoy working alone and in their own studio, rather than in the confines of a corporate office.  Some artists continue their education once they have obtained a bachelor’s degree and pursue a master’s in fine arts.  By doing so, you open the door up to teach at a college level.  There are a wide variety of reasons to pursue a fine arts degree, you just have to take the next step and get started.



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