Five Job Opportunities for Online Sports Management Degree Graduates

By Brenda on October 4th, 2011


Combining your love for fitness and passion for business might land you the perfect career in the field of sports management.  More and more online colleges are offering degrees that focus on business management, as well as fitness and nutrition.  This combination will land you a number of jobs in a career niche you love.

Sports and fitness management degrees are available from accredited online institutions.  Degree options include a two year associate’s degree, a four year bachelor’s and a six year master’s degree.  It really depends on how long you desire to be in school.  Possessing one of these degrees opens the door to a variety of jobs.

Become a gym owner

Owning or managing a gym is an excellent career choice for a graduate in sports management.  The degree prepares students to understand the business aspect of operating a gym while well-versed in the fitness component.  Online sports and fitness management graduates are skilled to hire, manage and train staff in the gym setting. Some gym managers gain experience for a short time before opening their own gym or securing a fitness center franchise.

Take on coaching

Coaching jobs are available in areas such as schools and camps or even at the national level.  Once the college graduates gains the required experience, they become eligible for higher paying coaching careers.  Schools and camps hire part-time coaches and the jobs offered are a great way for recent graduates to get their feet wet in the industry.

Manage a spa

Management is one of the emphasized areas of study in the sports management online degree program.  Some college grads opt to run their own spa while others work for a national chain.  A spa offers a wide variety of options for business and management, as well as health and wellness.  Health spas not only have a fitness and recreational facility, but also offer professional services such as massages, facials and beauty treatments.  Managing these services may include booking appointments, hiring staff and arranging work schedules.

Operate a community recreation facility

A degree in sports management may land you a job at a local community center or recreational facility.  Rec center employees are responsible for promoting activities in the community, managing staff, securing funding and grants, and hiring workers.  Most recreation centers are grant funded or non-profit organizations, so funding must be secured.  Donations tend to keep the centers in operations and it is up to the facility manager to keep the money coming in.

Teach gym at a school

Fulfilling careers in education can be found with a little research and substitute teaching prerequisites.  Graduates of an online degree in sports management are eligible for teaching in public and private schools, although some require credentials in teaching.  It is not difficult to become licensed to teach in elementary and secondary schools if you already possess a degree in sports or fitness management.  Health education and coaching responsibilities may be part of the job descriptions.


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