Going back to College as an Adult? Here are some Tips

By Brenda on April 17th, 2012


Going back to college as an adult is often scary. Many feel as if they won’t be able to keep up with the 18 year olds. So if you’re feeling nervous about going back to college, here are some tips to help you adjust and achieve success.

1. Realize graduating from college is more about character than intelligence

Some older adults believe they are at a disadvantage because they have not been in school for many years. They believe they are not “smart” enough. In reality, graduating from college is more about discipline and hard work than natural ability. Most adults have more discipline and work ethic than their younger counterparts, which means they are much more likely to be successful.

Adults also have a greater sense of urgency and purpose when going back to school. Most adults report that they do far better in school the second time around because they want to provide for their family and get a better job compared to when they were right out of high school and did not have a clear sense of purpose or direction.

2. Lear about student resources

Whether you are going back to school online or on campus, your school will likely have an array of student services designed to help you meet your goals. You’ll want to discuss with your advisor about services such as tutoring, career planning, computer labs, libraries, financial aid and academic advising. There are highly trained professionals whose job it is to help you be a success. Leverage these services and your life will be easier.

3. Make study time a part of your schedule

Adult students are typically much busier. They often have to juggle careers, family, etc. That means it can be difficult to make time to study. Incorporate study time into your regular routine to ensure you keep up with your studies – otherwise it is too easy to focus on other priorities.

4. Keep a “to-do” list for school

A running to-do list dedicated for your studies is critical. It will keep you on task. It’s just too easy to forget things such as assignments and deadlines. In fact, it’s a good idea to take your course syllabi and make a schedule with all the pertinent dates and deadlines. Use it to craft a to-do list.

5. Talk to your family

Communicating with the entire family is critical. Let them know when you need time away for yourself to study. Make it an entire team effort – especially with the kids. Let them know about the benefits of going back to school, but that it will require sacrifice up front.

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