Health Insurance Plans for College Students

By Brenda on November 3rd, 2011


With the health care debate in full swing and close to 50 million Americans left with no health insurance, what is happening to the nation’s college students?  Many college students work full-time while going to school but still cannot afford to keep their health insurance.

The times are changing as many colleges require proof of coverage before enrollment.  College students are being forced to prove that they have coverage or are barred from enrolling in classes.  There are a number of options available and we have disclosed them all.

A College Plan

School plans are available in the event that you do not have your own health insurance or are enrolled in a plan.  The school you are attending may automatically enroll you on their provide plan if you are unable to show that you have valid health insurance.

School plans vary in quality and cost. Many are expensive and do not provide the coverage one would expect in the event of preventative or emergent care.  A major concern of students on the health insurance plan provided by their school is the coverage while traveling.  Most health insurance plans provided by schools only cover the student while they are attending the college.  This does not include coverage for students who are traveling home or are away during the holidays.

Parental Plan

Many students who attend college online or in person have the option of remaining on a parental health insurance plan.  Parents who work for employers that provide health insurance have the option of signing their children up for health care insurance.  Most parent plans allow children over the age of 18 to remain on the plan if enrolled in college full-time, or at the very least part-time.  Many of these plans expire once the student or child reaches the age of 23.

One drawback to a parental health insurance plan is that you may not be eligible if attending school outside of the country.  Your permanent address must be in the United States or most health insurance plans will drop the coverage.

Parents should look into the cost of keeping their college-aged child on their health insurance plan to make sure it is cost effective for both parties.  Many times the school plan is cheaper than keeping the student on a parental plan.

Personal Plan

Personal plans are also referred to as individual plans and are health insurance plans that are purchased by the student and not affiliated with the school.  A student’s employer may furnish health insurance or a private health insurance company may supply insurance at a reasonable fee.  Sometimes a personal plan may be a good alternative, especially if a student is unable to receive health insurance from any other source.

College-aged students are generally healthy and as a result, able to acquire reasonable rates for health insurance.  The options are available and with a little research you won’t be left empty-handed at the time of class enrollment.  Prepare early and get all of your ducks in a row so that you may have the proof before registration begins.


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