Homeschooling and College – What are Your Options?

By Brenda on February 20th, 2012



With a public school system that seems to be failing, more and more parents are taking matters into their own hands by homeschooling their kids. But what does that do to your kids’ chances of getting into his or college of choice? This is a major concern for parents that home school their children.

Parents need not worry about homeschooling ruining their son’s or daughter’s chances of getting accepted into college as long as they understand there are differences in the application process for home schooled students. Even the most prestigious colleges and universities including all Ivy League institutions accept home schooled students. Let’s take a look at some common concerns parents have in terms of college admissions for their home schooled student.

Curriculum and Record Keeping

Colleges are looking for robust curriculum across all subject areas. Since your child does not have a transcript, you must keep very meticulous records that show the level of curriculum your child was working on. Colleges typically look for four years of math, science, English, three years of history, and four years of a foreign language. This is the ideal curriculum. It is much more robust than the average public high school.

Importance of Class rank, Grade Point Average, Test Scores

Class rank is an important indicator for colleges, but one that does not play a role in the admissions process for a home schooled student. GPA also does not rank as an important factor. That does not mean your home schooled student will be disqualified. The way most institutions handle this is by applying more importance to other factors such as standardized test scores and extracurricular activities. Parents should know that SAT and ACT scores are a much larger factor for homeschooled students and should prepare accordingly.

Another important factor is the extracurricular activities your child is involved with. The admissions committee wants to make sure your student has the social skills to matriculate to their school. It’s a misconception that colleges only admit students involved in multiple activities. A child may have a gift or passion for a specific extracurricular activity in which they do well. The admissions committee wants to see passion and involvement no matter how many activities your child is involved with.

Tips for Home school Parents and Students

  • Keep meticulous records from day one – especially in high school.
  • Stay informed about the college admissions process especially with the schools you or your student is interested in. Make it a point to visit the schools and make contact with the admissions officers. Be aware that many schools have a supplemental application for homeschooled students.
  • Apply early and make sure your application is complete.


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