Hottest Tech Careers

By Brenda on January 4th, 2012


Technology is more intertwined in our lives than ever. It has also integrated itself into the business landscape. No longer is technology separate from business. In fact, technology now often drives business. With that in mind, the hottest tech careers are combining skills in business, management, and IT. Let’s take a look at some tech careers on the rise, and how you can prepare to capture one.

Business Architect

A business architect is actually more business than IT. Most business architects report directly to the CEO. So what does a business architect do? They help top executives make business decisions and strategies that have to do with technology. In other words, they inform organizational leaders how to leverage technology to improve the business processes of the organization.

As was mentioned, technology is no longer an add-on, it is at the core of all businesses and can be the difference between success and failure. So how does one prepare for a career as a business architect? First off you’ll need at least five years of experience. This definitely isn’t an entry level position. In fact, business architects are often times the CEO’s right hand person and most trusted advisor. You’ll also need an MBA and a background in IT. Nowadays that can be achieved because most MBA programs offer the degree with a concentration in IT.

IT Project Manager

This is another position that requires high IT IQ and business acumen. Most work in corporate America is done by teams that work on projects – including the IT sector. These teams need dedicated leaders who know IT yet also know how to communicate, foster relationships, manage effectively, and stay organized. This is not an entry level position either. You need at least three years of experience in most instances. Salaries vary greatly by location and organization, but you can count on making around $100,000 per year at least.

Software Architects

Software architects are paid to do one thing- develop software programs that solve problems. These guys and gals are the hardcore tech people that use principles of math and computer science to create algorithms used for new and improved software problems. These professionals may travel a lot if they do consulting for clients. They are paid handsomely for their services to the tune of approximately $105,000 a year according to the latest labor data. To get a shot at this career you’ll need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science.


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