How to Acclimate to your New Job Post-Graduation

By Brenda on October 5th, 2011


Fitting into the culture of your workplace after graduation can make or break your success. Every workplace has a culture and a way of doing things. Many employers place a high premium on whether a person will be a good fit within the corporate culture during the interview process. With that said, let’s look as some ways you can fit in to the workplace without losing your own identity.

Dress Appropriately

It’s a cold hard fact that people who do not know you judge you by the way you dress. You want to make sure your dress is similar to those who work around you as well as your superiors. If you like to dress really formal with a suit and tie, but everyone else is wearing khakis and sweaters then you should consider adjusting your wardrobe.

Communicate Accordingly

Each workplace likes to communicate in a certain way. Observe if people like to email, call, or talk face-to-face. Even if they do not communicate in your preferred style you should make an effort to get out of your comfort zone and communicate in the preferred style of the organization.

Work the Same Schedule as Everyone Else

Often times there are unspoken rules about working. If the employee handbook says you get an hour lunch, but everyone eats at their desk or takes a shorter lunch then you should acclimate to that environment. You do not want to start off on the wrong foot by making people think you are not lazy. Even if it is not true, but people perceive that you may not carry your own weight, you will have a difficult time changing their perceptions.

Assess the Work Pace and Level of Competition

Some offices are very fast-paced and production oriented while others operate at more of a moderate, easy-going pace. Government and non-profit agencies tend to move at a slower pace than private sector organizations. Sit back and observe the pace of the work. Adjust accordingly to what the rest of the people are doing, unless the leadership want you to do something different then you may need to consider doing what they want you to do without making too many people upset.

Be Social

Not everyone is a social butterfly, but you should consider going out to lunch or drinks after work if that is the norm. Even if you only go once in awhile that is good enough. You may end up alienating yourself if you like to eat alone during lunch and go home right after work.

The biggest thing you should do to makes sure you fit in and get along with your office mates is to be observant. Make sure you are aware of the spoken and unspoken code of conduct and you should have no problem fitting right in.


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