How to Get into an Online MBA Program

By Brenda on October 5th, 2011


The MBA continues to be the most popular graduate degree because of the earning potential that comes along with it. With an MBA in hand a graduate can virtually assure themselves a top position within an organization along with a hefty salary and plenty of room to advance.

During the last twenty years a whole host of online MBA programs have sprung up all over the country trying to attract top candidates. Every program is different, which can make the application process a bit confusing. Regardless of which MBA program you are going to apply to we’ve listed some tips that will increase your chances of getting in.

Obtain a Four-Year Undergraduate Degree

Nearly all online MBA programs require you to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Most online MBA programs do not require you to have a business degree, but it is helpful. For students who do not have a business-related degree, it will not reduce your chances of getting in. It does mean that you will likely have to take a series of business courses to prepare you for the rigor of MBA coursework.

Without proper coursework in finance, economics, accounting, marketing, and mathematics, it is not possible for students to succeed. Students need to have a foundational understanding of the subjects mentioned above.

If you do not have a business related degree you will need to take into consideration the amount of time and money it will take for you to complete those requirements. For many students, it is up to one year.

For students who have a business degree it is likely that you will not have to complete any course prerequisites unless it has been several years since you have graduated.

Score High on the GMAT

Many online MBA programs do not have a minimum score in mind because they want to evaluate students as a whole. With that said, a high GMAT score will help your admissions chances tremendously. The best way to study for the GMAT has been shown to be individual study combined with a tutor.

Have some Relevant Work Experience

Most programs do not accept students’ right out of college. They want to see students who have demonstrated potential and have experienced some success on the job. The minimum is usually two years of work experience. Many programs want five years with increasing responsibility.

Extracurricular Leadership Experience

MBA programs want to produce leaders within the business world. Your chances will greatly increase if you can show through tangible examples that you have the qualities of a leader. If your work experience is lacking then consider bolstering your admissions application by doing some charity leadership level work.




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